In my atelier I regularily organize workshops for string players, who are interested to know more about how an instrument of the violin family is built and how it works. In case you are interested to participate in one of the upcoming courses, please write to me, subscribe for the newsletter here or follow my facebook page.



A workshop for string players about the construction, the sound production and the history of violins, violas and cellos.

The idea behind this course about lutherie for string players is to impart basic knowledge about violin making in a form which is relevant for a musician; how a string instrument is built, how it works and in what way the construction and the set-up determines the sound of an instrument. This will be useful knowledge for every string player and will help to further develop and implement her/his own vision of sound.

The workshop will start with a detailed talk and demonstration of the different steps of the construction, from the design of the model and the choice of wood, the shaping of the archings, to the varnish and set up of the finished instrument. We will then look in detail at sound production. I will illustrate in a simple way, how a stringed instrument works, in which way the construction determines the specific sound of an instrument and to what extent it can be modified and adjusted to one's personal need and preference by the sound post, the bridge and the choice of the strings.

Furthermore you will learn about the history of violin making; how it developed in its golden period, the 17th and 18th century and what had changed since then. The course is addressed to string players of any style of music. It would be good, if you bring your own instrument, so we have a variety of different instruments for comparing sound. With everyones participation we can all learn from each other.

The workshop will be held in English and/or German, depending on the language abilities of the group. It will be held in a casual, relaxed atmosphere at our studio in Kreuzberg.


Workshop concerts


A few times a year I organize concerts in my atelier, for which I bring together musicans of various musical styles. The results are evenings of a very special atmosphere and they often end up in spontaneous colaborations between the musicans. In case you would like to be informed about future events, subscribe for the newsletter here or follow my facebook page.


Next Workshop Concert


15. January 2018

For a while I have been planning to organise a concert-evening with string instruments only. The upcoming workshop concert will be dedicated to the different instruments of the violin family played in completly different musical context. It will be a very special, unusual concert played by extraordinary musicans, each one of them a gem in their field.

Einlass/doors: 19 Uhr
Beginn/start: 20 Uhr
Atelier 3/4
Reichenberger Str. 155, 2.HH,3.OG

Roland Satterwhite - Violine, Viola

Roland Satterwhite is an Canadian-American Violinist/Violist living in Berlin since 2008. He performs as a solo performer as well as with various groups of different musical styles like the gypsy jazz band Django Lassi and the flamenco group Konjaleo.


Barnaby Tree - Cello

Barnaby Tree is a Berlin based scottish artist active in the field of experimental performance, dance, poetry and music (cello, piano, voice). He has produced 5 albums, most recently “In my brain you are furry” and composes music for film.


Viola Torros project

Cat Lamb - Viola

Cat Lamb is an american composer of experimantal music and violist living in Berlin. She is dedicating herself to the elemental interaction of tone—by the investigation into partial theory (extended just intonation) and variations in presence of materiality/field within unfolding forms/structures. She has written for numerous musicians/ensembles.

Johnny Chang - Viola

Berlin-based American composer-performer Johnny Chang engages in extended explorations surrounding the relationships of sound/listening and the in-between areas of improvisation, composition and performance.


Maia Cabezza - Violine

Maia Cabezza is a Berlin based Canadian-American classical violinist of Argentinean heritage. She came to international attention as the 1st prize "Mozart prize" winner of the 2013 Leopold Mozart International Violin Competition in Augsburg, Germany, and enjoys a multi-faceted performing career as a soloist and chamber musician.

Biber - Passacaglia
Bartok - Violin Sonata, Chaconne



Concerts in the past

22. November 2017

Irish Singer/Songwriter


What happens when two french, classical musicans who love balkan melodies move between old french chansons, original compositions and free impovisation...



Erwin Schulhoff - Duo for Violin and Cello (1925)


Rhob Cunningham- Guitar, voice



Amaryllis Billet - Violin, Voice
Leonore Grollemund - Cello


Tilman Hussla - Violin
Beata Antikainen - Cello


19.Dezember 2016

Sefkan Günnay - Violine      

Arabic / Anatol Instrumental Music   


The original compositions for this duo by Jonas Müller take elements of oriental and western music and combine them in a unique way. It is also a meeting of instruments not commonly used together, each representing its own musical culture. As guest musicans Leonore Grollemund, Cello und Marlene Ito, Violine accompany the duo on some pieces.                                                                                  

L'est dans l'Ouest  

Jonas Müller - Piano                                                        
Rabah Hamrene - Oud
Leonore Grollemund - Cello
Marlene Ito - Violine                      


Debussy - Sonata for Violin and Piano
Poulenc - Sonata for Violin and Piano

Marlene Ito (Berliner Philharmoniker) - Violine
Michele Gurdal - Piano                                                           

27.Mai 2016

Ayumi Paul - Violin


Patrick O'Laoghaire - Piano, Guitar, Voice

J.S.Bach - Partita No.2 in D-Minor


I Have a Tribe - Irish Singer-Songwriter





Barock Music



Of the irish Band The Villagers


12.Dezember 2015

Prisca Stalmarsci - Barockvioline

Mathew Jones - Theorbe


Connor O'Brien - Guitar, Voice


24.Februar 2015

J.S.Bach, original Compositions


Arabic Jazz


Sebastian Peszko - Viola solo


Avi & Ahmed      

Daniel Avi Schneider - Violine
Ahmed Eid - Kontrabass



Neuberg Trio

Jonas Müller - Akordion
Charles Frechette - Gitarre
François Perdriau - Kontrabass   


Jazz Manouche, Swing Musette