Matthias N. von Wallbrunn is a maker of fine violins, violas and cellos based in Berlin. He also repairs and restores them. He was born and grew up in Augsburg in the south of Germany. In 2001 he entered the Civica scuola di liuteria di Milano, where he studied violin making for 4 years under the guidance of Luca Primon. Since then he has put his focus on the construction of instruments of the violin family. He has also lived and worked for several years in Cremona, before returning to Germany where he worked independently in Berlin and Freiburg. He also worked and gained experience in various workshops in both cities, as well as in Essen and London. He is taking part in educational workshops in Europe and the U.S. and is constantly sharing experiences with colleges. Since 2012 he works in his atelier in Berlin-Kreuzberg. His instruments are played by musicans from all around the worl