The fascination for classical italian violin making of the 17th and 18th century is the inspiration for my work. At the same time I strive for a form of contemporary violin making, which is characterized by authentic, individual expression. Sound is of course of central importance and is the subject of every consideration in the creation process. Each instrument is unique and has its own tonal and aesthetic character. To embody into my instruments a personal character that is based on the traditions of the old masters is my aim.

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Violin making has developed considerably in the recent years through a more open exchange of knowlege among colleges and through profesional research studies. This led to more openes among musicians towards contemporary instruments. It creates a different quality of connection to experience the creation and the development of an instrument. The strength of contemporary violin making lies in the colaboration between musican and luthier. Perfect state, easy playability and ideal sound of hisinstrument will always be the interest of the maker. The responsibility for my instrument does not end with its sale. Especially in the first few years after the making, an instrument develops considerably through the influence of the player and I encourage my customers to consult me regularily to adapt this process to their needs. In the first two years any service on the instruments playability accustical settings will be free of charge.

For my instruments I only use the best materials available. The tonewood is carefully selected and seasoned and of the finest quality, mainly spruce from the italian alps (Val di fiemme) and bosnian maple. Pegs, tailpiece and chinrest are handmade.  The oil varnish I use is prepared after a historic recipe.